little Book: THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD (15 august 2015).

* How to win the spiritual battle.
* Get out of the clutches of darkness.
* Ghosts and demons.
* The beginning of the world and its end.
* Who is God. Who is the devil.
* Purpose of human beings.
* What is hell and judgment.
* What does your law to Israel and the world.
* The detailed plan of God.
* Who can be saved.
* Who is Jesus and what is the church.
* Spiritual and carnal world. Fourth dimension.
* Aliens.
* What is prayer.
* The truth about the Bible.

Dedicated: This book is dedicated to all those who want to be free from the oppression of Satan and desperately seeking a way to finally get it.

* The creation or evolution. * GOD * WHO IS THE DEVIL. * Creation of Man. – The first sin. – Hell. * THE SON OF GOD. * GOD’S PLAN OF SALVATION HUMAN. * ISRAEL. – Israel out of Egypt. – Land of Palestine. – Law * JESUS.. * The Lamb’s wife. – The Temple of God. – Who can belong to God’s people? – What is the true Church? – History of the Church of Christ. * THE BIBLE. * Pray. * WORLD spiritual and physical. ALIENS. 4th dimension. * S.E. * Judgment Day. * SPIRITUAL WARFARE. HOW TO BEAT. – Why the devil can be overcome? – Foreign spirits hovering nearby. – Against mental manipulation. * FINAL DAYS AND SECOND COMING OF CHRIST. MARK OF THE ARTIFICIAL BESTIA.INTELIGENCIA. * FINAL WORDS. SUMMARY.

If it is true that everything started with the Big Bang (a supposed explosion between space gases that triggered life and its evolution), if it is true that the planets, galaxies and all life on Earth began in that explosion, it remains to ask: __Where did these supposed gases come from that would impact each other?
* This “theory of evolution” comes from a man named Darwin whose idea is not its exclusivity but exposes the teachings of his grandfather, who had written about it. These scientists and writers were part of an elite society of “big brains” of that time (19th century) who firmly believed that life was simplified in the survival of the fittest. The law of the jungle say. The strongest must live, the weak must die (or be enslaved). Human masses, they say, should be governed and led by a small group of “bright” people. All this kind of people who think this way so terrible, appropriately describes its purpose, so-called “laws of the jungle” taking them to a human context, which has a very different animal intelligent mind. For example: In the animal world babies or puppies that result in illness or too weak, they are eaten by predators. God did this so that no one species extinct diseases spread, and that each species maintains a number in line with nature. Young elephants, for example, if they get sick die (because of course they do not have health between and among human assistance), and many of them even healthy are devoured by lions. If this were not so, the elephants would be so many that all the vegetation of a region and die eat birds, monkeys, etc., which also depend on the vegetation; And even the same elephants die from lack of food! From the very genesis this “theory of evolution” has absolutely no semblance of reality.
GOD God is an intelligent being, has a body of flesh like us, it is a “spirit”. It is colossal, you can see everything, know everything, you can be everywhere, it has full power to do whatever he wants. He has feelings, no dies, is eternal; Eternity is the beginning and no end. It has a name, called: I AM WHO I AM, which in Hebrew means: Jehovah or Yahweh; In short, God. Emanates brightness and millions and millions of times more powerful than the sun itself light. Therefore, any human being who see with their eyes straight to God dies instantly. Human form (the human being was made in a manner similar to that of God), but only in its outer contour. I AM WHO I AM not have internal, blood, nerves, skin, organs, etc. It has full goodness, no hint of evil, but also has full justice. It is perfectly good. God is love, it would be the correct phrase. (Read Genesis 1:26 Exodus 3:14 Genesis 17: 1 1 John 4:24 Joh 4: 8). I AM WHO I AM created everything that exists. He created the universe, galaxies, planets, including Earth and everything in it. He made many millions of spiritual beings called angels, who have the form or likeness of God, human form, but also without a body of flesh. These angelic creations God not automated, ie not forced them to be faithful, not forced them to obey him as robots, that are good for taxation, but allowed the “breach of law”. It allowed each angel decide for themselves if they wanted to be with God willingly or not. God is perfectly merciful and gracious, wanting the angels were with him for a true love and affection and not by imposition of any kind. The same would happen after the creation of man. (Read: Genesis chapter 1 full).

WHO IS THE DEVIL One of the most formidable and powerful angels, magnificent presence, brighter than a thousand beautiful, strong and intelligent stones, which was in a special place where God made him perfect at all, as it decided at its free conscience rebel against God. It was so perfect and powerful that he decided to have his own kingdom and be so powerful and worshiped as God. At the same time he chose to depart from AM WHO I AM, pride and envy mainly, there was a “breach of law”, an act that stained the perfect light of the Creator, which contrasted with his perfect goodness and justice perfect. This now renegade angel is named Lucifer, also known as Satan, devil, etc. Lucifer convinced a large number of angels to follow him in his rebellion. And all of them with his boss were punished by God sending them to the dark or eternal punishment because they found something called “evil”. Evil is the breaking of perfect goodness, kindness which is represented by the incredible brightness that emanates. And any kind of evil, however small it may be, is destroyed before this high gloss, which also represents a perfect righteousness. Then Lucifer and his angels followers lose its beauty and position in the sky and are transformed into hideous beings full of evil without the slightest hint of any goodness. They are known as demons. The main feature of the devil’s lies and deception, and its main objective is the death of a human being. (Read Isaiah 14: 12 to 15).

Creation of Man: Having created the Earth and all its wonders, with its oceans, having created all animal and plant life, God made a man and a woman with a look similar to himself and his angels. He called Adam and Eve. He made them perfect and immortal, quite without malice, and gave them authority over all species. This means that humans put into an intelligent spirit, or the ability of intelligent reasoning and conscience, a matter that animals do not have. And as happened with his angels created, in his great love, God gave man the power of choice, which is known as “free will”. So it was that grew in the place where they were (Eden) a special tree, which he commanded them not to eat, otherwise die. Then were these two human in its full and free choice to obey or not.

The first sin: Contrary to what they say false teachings that dominate the world’s first sin it was no sexual relationship between Adam and Eve. They were created with their sexual organs, with their desires Attraction and other intimate matters that have to do with the mental, chemical and physical. Moreover, they were commanded to procreate and fill the earth. The error of Adam and Eve was to “disobey” God. Eat what they were told not to eat, because the devil snake convinced Eve to eat the forbidden fruit and she did the same with Adam. Both ate, both disobeyed. The fruit was not a deadly chemical poison, but by disobeying God’s command, these early humans broke the law of perfect goodness and were sentenced to die like Satan and his rebellious angels or demons. From that moment evil in Adam and Eve he found. There was a breakdown or separation between God and man as creation. Immortality residing in man was completed and was cursed with death. Therefore all humans are born and then die. And no one can see God because it means instant death. Even because of this disobedience creation itself was cursed because the creation was made for the benefit of mankind. The Earth and the planets are in perfect disposition allowing the physical existence of man. The proximity of the sun, the moon, the outer layers of the Earth spins in space, everything is in perfect harmony for life on Earth, for the respiration of living beings, the right gravitational pull, periods consonants sun and darkness, tides, rain, suitable temperatures, etc. etc. etc. In short, to synthesize, eternal damnation or eternal death spread to humans and all creation “thanks” to Lucifer, the first breaker of the perfect law of God where there can not be even the smallest hint of malice. Metaphorically we could say that the devil was given the key to the “death and hell”. (Read: Romans 5: 12).

Hell: Hell is death itself. It is a vast lake of fire and brimstone which is eternal death or eternal punishment.
Lucifer and his demons are cursed with an abyss of darkness, which means that unlike God, they are absorbed by an endless evil, and that inevitably are destined for the tormented in this lake of fire and brimstone forever be.

THE SON OF GOD God has a son in the same spirit that it features. It was not conceived as human or created as angels, but, say, is formed with the same structure of God; equally eternal and equally good in perfection. His name is Jesus, which means “Saviour”. God also lives with another entity called the Holy Spirit. This Spirit arguably consists of the infinite goodness of God shine and perfect justice. An intelligent and perfect Spirit who is from God Himself. This is the “family” of God. Concept introduced in humanity for preservation and continuation of the species. A man is born, he lives with his father and mother, perhaps brothers, and this is what is called human family. The human being, at least supposedly, should be cared for and educated in the family until adulthood. From there a new family is formed and thus the expansion and continuation of the human species. (Read: Revelation 1: 14-15).

GOD’S PLAN OF SALVATION HUMAN All is not lost. I AM THAT I AM, God, seeing that the inequinable fate of all mankind was death and eternal punishment, decided to carry out a plan of complete salvation, a plan to give eternal life to any human who takes the decision will own. The decision to live with God. Sincere goodness of man pleases God, and the world always existed and there are men regarded by his countrymen as “good”. But this human kindness in relation to the salvation of his soul means nothing, or useless. As I said in the beginning God is surrounded by an unfathomable and inaccessible light representing his perfect love and justice. The slightest spark of evil makes this evil ruthlessly destroyed, and the ownership of such evil inevitably awaits eternal punishment in the lake of fire and brimstone. Adam was the first to sin against God by disobeying his command, and his disobedience (evil) led to curse to mankind as a whole, undoing the closeness between God and His human creation. No, absolutely no one in the history of mankind (except of course Jesus) is enough “good” to deserve God’s forgiveness. There must be perfection, or death is irrevocable. For a single person (Adam) came the curse and eternal punishment to mankind and the world. (Read: Romans 3: 9 to 12 Romans 5: 12).

ISRAEL Israel is a symbology a prototype, a trunk representing the tree of salvation and eternal kingdom of God. A small representation of the righteous law of the Creator, the heavenly methodologies, and a guardian or caretaker of the “things” of God until the arrival of the name given to the world for the ultimate salvation: Jesus of Nazareth. (Read: Galatians 3: 24). God chose a man, Abraham, to form a new nation with a new way of life. We agree that in the time of Abraham the nations of the world were completely at the mercy of Satan and his false pagan religions. He does not know the true God, although there were honest and kind-hearted people who did not bow before those demonic religions of the time. One of these good people was Abraham. From Abraham and his wife born nation of Israel. Let us be clear that in that distant time was allowed by God marriage between relatives. There was no mental or physical illness among newborns inherent in crossing the blood, danger threatening children today. The Hebrew nation settled in Egypt and greatly increased their numbers there compatriots; such was the case, that the Egyptians were forced to become slaves trying to avoid rapid multiplication. It was then that God decided to demonstrate to Israelis. He decided to free them from their masters and set in the distant land of Palestine. There in the land of Egypt, arguably, the literal confrontation between God and Lucifer for life and salvation of mankind begins. It is very appropriate to say that all pagan religions of the world by Satan, who only seeks the destruction and death of human beings are sponsored. Both worship to heaven or the stars, animals, pyramids, obelisks, trees, statues, angels even, form a way of living spiritually confused and at the mercy of the lies of Lucifer and his demons. For most honest and faithful whatever person who puts his beliefs on these things, even though all the rites comply, do not expect anything but eternal punishment in the lake of fire and brimstone. But nevertheless there is a way of eternal salvation to all who want, quite simple, and it is just that the reason why this book is written. But just it tells how it all began with simplicity; which is the plan of salvation prepared by God Himself. Very rarely I AM WHO I AM, God uses his powerful angels directly visible in the spiritual struggle for human life. For your messages, advertisements, miracles, etc. on earth, God chooses people of flesh and blood; fallible people, ie men and women who despite having a great deal of faith (faith is to believe in God but what is not seen, believe in protecting and promises), have defects of character, or sometimes bad feelings, in short, all deficiencies that may exist in a human being.
Israel out of Egypt: To manifest his goodness and power to the world, God chose a man named Moses. This man, no human armies or physical force, faced sorcerers, magicians, wise and all the power of Egypt through miracles that God commanded him to do. It was perfectly demonstrated through large events (the plagues of Egypt), I AM THAT I AM is the only God and Lucifer has no power over him. Finally, after incredible powerful manifestations of God to protect “their” chosen people, the Israelis out of Egypt toward Palestine, following the wise guidance of His prophet Moses (A prophet is a person who speaks what God says, exposes your message. Since its perfect goodness, justice, and power, if God be manifested to the people directly because they would die immediately, because of the curse that brought Adam on all mankind to disobey).

Land of Palestine: We must make it established an important issue inherent in the relationship between God and humanity at the time. People around the world were under the influence of Satan completely. So much so, governments of nations as well as its inhabitants were governed by precepts “religious” worship many false “gods” which supposedly governed life on earth in all aspects: cure of diseases or pests, rainfall, ” wisdom “to wars, etc., and whose countless deities require” sacrifices “and solemn festivities for them to eventually deploy its” blessings “on the land and its worshipers. Generally sacrifices to the gods were human, that is, young girls were killed on large stone altars so appease the “wrath” of the gods were chosen. And in many countries of the world at that time the killing newborn babies, which were slaughtered on these altars and in many cases burned alive in fires he was perpetrated. Sexual freedom had no limits, no distinction of father, mother, child, man, woman or animal became. Women, with few exceptions, were considered almost as slaves, as in a level of total inferiority to man. Murder, looting, corruption, immorality, injustice, etc., they were common standard in nations worldwide. Mercy was considered a sign of weakness and failure. In short, then humanity was under the yoke of Lucifer, destined for eternal death, and therefore considered enemies of God. With his chosen people Israel God introduced new concepts of life that would benefit humanity as a whole. This is known as the “Covenant” between God and men, the chosen nation that would be called “children of God”. He was then sent to Israel to conquer the land of Palestine destroying any nations there. The village of I AM, against the people of Satan. God is not cruel, it is perfectly gracious but also perfectly just. Many say today that God would not be able to send to kill anyone, and that the “Lord” of the Old Testament is an “evil god”, etc, etc. That is false. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Which chose to be without the true God was mankind, having preferred to be in the evil yoke of Satan. And in the future, on the Day of Judgment all, God is going to kill every human who chose not to believe in Him and His Son Jesus Christ. However, I hasten to say that all those palestinians killed as well as everyone who died from Adam to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Christ himself while his body remained in the grave until the time of his resurrection, was in spirit where were all those departed souls and preached God’s salvation. And whoever countless souls had the opportunity to decide for themselves whether or not believed. From first to last, no matter what he had done in his life, good or bad, which he believed God was totally forgiven and became a child of God and freed from eternal death. This is known as the preaching of Jesus to the dead, because every human being has full free will to choose his path. (Read: 1 Peter 3: 19 1 Peter 4: 6).

The law: In pursuit of his plan of salvation for mankind, God commanded his people Israel practice a tremendous amount of rites, sacrifices, laws, norms of life and behavior, judgment, values, goals, etc., which undoubtedly they would form a huge amount of blessings for everyone who’s practiced. Everything that is written in the Old Testament of the Bible make up what is called “The Law” of God. From Genesis to Malachi, from the history of the kings until the psalms, prophecies, all part of a funnel that ends in life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. All this constellation of signs Israelis form a kind of symbol that represents purity and holiness of God in heaven. Just a few examples: * The principal of all. The Hebrew priests dead a lamb without blemish. The blood of the lamb represents death to be given for the sins (iniquities) of Israelis were now children of God. Remember that God kills hopelessly sinful humans (because all are at odds with the Almighty), and that blood is a symbol of “one” would die instead of the children of God. (Read: Exodus 12: 1 to 6). * When there was a serious illness should be set apart from the rest since losing his “holiness”. They sent it to comfortable places, sometimes specially chosen cities for care, under supervision of the priests. This man was instructed by God to prevent the spread of highly contagious diseases and pests. Today these processes are known as “quarantine”. (Read Leviticus 13: 4). * During military campaigns among the Hebrews they had to carry their personal belongings a wooden stake. Not to “defile” the sanctity of the camp, the soldiers should have a remote place to relieve themselves. They had to dig a well with their respective stakes, relieve, and then cover everything with soil. No doubt that this standard of hygiene greatly preserve the health of the camp. (Read Deuteronomy 23: 9 to 14). * The cultivate land six years, and the seventh is the break. Currently we have the scientific certainty that this is extremely good for the land and its culture. (Read Leviticus 25: 3-4). * They were instituted rules of morality, stressing the preponderance of family and raising the value of both women and children. I was totally and completely banned human sacrifice, murder or any of the children of God. The famous 10 commandments are established. (Read Leviticus chapters 19 and 20 complete). * The ritual of burning incense is a symbol that represents prayer, talk or communication between the children of God and the Almighty. The smoke rising from the incense is the prayer that rises to the sky. (Read: Revelation 5: 8). * The Old Testament, written thousands of years ago, speaks to the earth “hangs” in space. (Read: Job 26: 7). * Wounds should be washed with “running water”. Today we know that this practice is a great weapon against infection. (Read Leviticus 15: 13). * The Old Testament says that the earth is a sphere; issue that was not discovered until the 13th century AD. (Read Isaiah 40: 22). * The Old Testament speaks of ocean currents. Matthew Maury, an American oceanographer, newly discovered 19th century (Read: Psalm 8: 8). * The hydrological cycle known today, evaporation, rain and air transportation was written in the Bible thousands of years ago. (Read: Job 36: 27-28 Ecclesiastes 1: 7). The Hebrew people, or Jewish, as is best known today, and his law, represent the perfect holiness of life with God, or in God. Even the temple built by King Solomon is, say, a kind of “copy” of the temple which is in heaven. Still, as I said, the Jews had to sacrifice a lamb representing the necessary death for cleaning and extermination of the evil of every person before God. However, the Creator of all things and had prepared a lamb without blemish to the supreme sacrifice, done once, whose shed blood would be enough to cover and forgive all the sins of those who decide to live forever. A lamb prepared from the same foundation of the world for the eternal salvation of man. God himself gave this special lamb to be sacrificed on earth, and then lived again inaugurating what is known as “resurrection.” The Lamb of God is his own son, and his name: Jesus of Nazareth. (Read: Exodus 25: 40).

JESUS: ​​By the disobedience of one man (Adam) came the curse, eternal punishment and death to all mankind. And by the grace, goodness, obedience and sacrifice of one man also he brought forgiveness, blessing and eternal life to all who wanted it. Jesus is known by various names: Jesus Christ, Son of Man, Lamb of God, Messiah, Savior, Word of God, Messiah, Lord. As explained, the lack, sin or evil before God is paid with death. Then the Creator decided that his own son was transformed into a human being, a man perfectly well, without having committed any wrongdoing in the course of his life, and serve as an example for the life that God considers just and good. That man should be killed and the sheep of the Jews, but with the difference that this man back to life three days later. Jesus was born of a virgin, Mary, who had never married and had not yet had sex. That was just a miracle, a supernatural work God did for His Son was born like any person, being conceived in the womb of Mary. Christ was a fetus, then baby was born then. But their genes and their DNA did not match neither with nor with Mary of Joseph, his stepfather, who loved and cared as his own son. The Son of God is “transformed”, so to speak, in a human. He was raised as a normal child by his parents in the land. He learned the “business” of God through attendance at the synagogue, by reading the writings of the Old Testament and the teachings of the Jews and religious teachers of Joseph and Mary. Finally, thirty years or so, was baptized by the prophet John the Baptist and from there began his ministry of preaching and miracles in the land of Palestine. But what is the spiritual meaning of these events? Jesus Christ was the only person in history who never did any wrongdoing of any kind. And having no character flaw that humans bring to inherit through DNA load, we can say without a doubt that Jesus of Nazareth in his life on earth was a spiritually perfect human being. He was sentenced to death by religious Jews of that time, mainly because of envy, although the executive arm outside the Roman Empire. Fulfilling many prophecies about the “Messiah who would save the world” written in the Old Testament, and knew that those same religious but who refused to recognize Jesus as the Messiah so. The same people that God had chosen as his own, he rejected the only begotten Son of God, made fun of him, tortured, crucified him and denied him completely. (Read: Matthew 21: 33 to 46). We can assert that the people chosen by God as his children, the Jews, through history proved themselves no more than lowly humans just as Adam and Eve and like everyone in the world. Fallible and sinners. The Jews believe that the observance of “the Act” allows entry into eternal life, but that is not so. Since there must always be a priest to make animal sacrifices and other rituals because the Jews, in their capacity as human beings, are always going to sin or commit evil deeds. Abraham himself was considered by God as his son for his faith, because he believed in God and doing his will. Then came “the Act”. First came the faith, and have the “secret” of eternal salvation here. The secret overcomes evil, Lucifer, and remove the curse of death that weighed in every human being since Adam and Eve. Faith in the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of believers that Satan snatches the key to eternal spiritual death, and granted free of charge to any human being anywhere in the world the blessing of eternal life and salvation eternal. In short, it is faith in Jesus of Nazareth, which was raised from the dead by God’s miracle and is now in heaven, seated at the right hand of God himself. And anyone (Jew or non-Jew) who believes in the name of Jesus Christ and his redemptive work, and to be accepted himself as a sinner and repent of their evil deeds, God says passing from death to life, and not Lucifer It has authority, power or any force to prevent this. (Read: Hebrews 7: 27 James 2: 23 Romans 1: 17). With the death and resurrection of Jesus was a “reconciliation” between God and human beings. Jesus Christ “paid” and the iniquities of all who believe in him and chose the way of God. The curse of Adam’s disobedience is undone and soul of the true believers in Christ returns to be immortal. Although the human body remains the same fallible and mortal, with Jesus’ resurrection and transformation of body and soul opens to live forever. (Read: Romans 5: 10).


 From the sacrifice of Christ all the conglomerate of people that accept his redeeming work, that we believe that his sacrifice frees us from eternal punishment, and that we believe in his resurrection, we are considered by God as the Church of the Lamb. Symbolically the Bride of Christ, because God himself compares the love of Jesus for all believers as the immense love of a man who gives his life for his wife, with no other intention than the pure love that does everything for her to live .
 And then here we see the concretion of God’s plan so that any human being who chooses it can live eternally and be free from punishment on the great Day of Judgment.
 The secret of salvation lies in the believer’s faith, which makes him safe, not in his works. Contrary to what many people believe, that by being “good” and doing “good” things from time to time God takes pity on our goodness and saves us; that is completely FALSE. Our good works regarding God’s forgiveness do not mean ANYTHING. God only sees us through the perfect work of Christ in his life as a human being, since already resurrected and in heaven, Jesus himself has the power, or the key, given by God, to give eternal life to those we believe in. he. Then yes, the true Christian must do good things, but as a consequence of salvation and not as a key to it. (Read: Revelation 21: 9 Romans 3: 27-28).

The temple of God:

 The Jewish people were a structure that God chose to manifest to the whole world. His perfect laws, his good ways of life, his perfect justice, his temple made in the likeness of the one in heaven, his rites and sacrifices, all part of a purity of things that the Jews could not fulfill through their generations, also implying God that a human being can not fulfill a perfect life without errors, since the Hebrews are fallible human beings too. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the only one who was perfect in everything; there is no other. This Name, JESUS ​​CHRIST, is the Name given to the world that has power, or power, above all things. JESUS ​​OF NAZARETH has power, power, or absolute authority in heaven, on earth, and even below the earth. This means that Jesus Christ has total supreme authority, granted by his Father, both in the physical world of humans and in the spiritual world, either of the good angels of God who serve him, or of the demons that fight against him. It has therefore the Name Jesus Christ of Nazareth total and absolute authority over Lucifer, the devil, and all his empire of evil. (Read: Galatians 3: 24-25).

 After his resurrection, Jesus ascends to heaven and there he is glorified by God. That is, he returns to his heavenly condition, but his corporeal conformation has changed. Jesus, the Son of God, having reduced himself by transforming himself into a human being, inaugurates, resurrected, what is known as the transformation of body and soul into immortal body and soul. With that resurrected body Jesus descends from heaven and shows himself to his friends (this is what Christ calls the true believers) and finally ascends to heaven promising his final return to earth at the end of history. But he does not leave his fellow believers without company, but when he ascends, the entity described in the beginning of this book that is called Holy Spirit, or Spirit of God, descends from heaven; which comes upon the true believers, and this Spirit is the ONLY representative of Jesus on earth.
 The Holy Spirit does not “dominate” believers, but advises us, calms us, strengthens us, gives us wisdom, hope, faith, intercedes before God for us with supplications and prayers. In short, he is our friend, he is the representative of Jesus, of God himself. (Read: S. John 14:26).

 Why is this like this? In the time of Moses on God was manifested in an object called the “ark”, which was then placed inside the temple built by Solomon. Well, the body of flesh and bone of the true believers is the new “temple” where God manifests himself through his Holy Spirit, representative of Christ. We (believers) are now the temple of God, and no longer the temple of Jerusalem, no matter how much it is rebuilt!
 The Jewish people are a kind of entrance to eternal salvation and a representation of the “new” people or nation of God. A people of people from all countries of the world, of different races and languages. All united under the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The preponderance of the Jewish people is outdated, and only faith in the Lamb of God allows entry to the eternal celestial kingdom. Only those jews who have faith in Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit in their hearts will be saved. (Read: 1 Corinthians 3:16).

Who can belong to the people of God?

 Everybody. God does not care about the color of your skin, does not care how much money you have, does not care if you have high studies or if you do not know how to read and write, do not care about your age, do not care about your height or body weight if you are thin Fat person, does not care about your references, contacts or influences, does not care if your legs, arms or eyes are missing, or if you are mute, it does not matter if you are famous or unknown. a, do not worry about your nationality or language, do not care how bad you have done in the past. God wants your heart, your voluntary decision to be with him. For he has given his own Son to be killed in payment for your evil, which is abrogated, erased and completely forgotten. Although you may have some account to pay in human justice, for God, if you believe in the Lamb and repent, your evil is thrown to the bottom of the ocean, and God will not remember it anymore, and you will go from death to eternal life, darkness to light, from the bloodthirsty claws of Lucifer to be part of the people and temple of God. (Read: Hebrews 10: 17-18 Acts 10: 34 Romans 2: 11 Galatians 2: 6).

What is the true church?

 From the year 33 of our era onwards, the “Church of Christ” on earth, or also known as “New Jerusalem”, is inaugurated. This church is solely spiritual and does not require any type of documentation or human approval, temples or buildings, and no political activity for its operation. It is made up of all those people who have accepted Jesus in their hearts as an act of true faith throughout the history of humanity. This great conglomeration of people is identified by God as “his” people, or “his” nation, all of whom are to rise on a certain day to live eternally in paradise. (Read: Ephesians 1: 22-23).

History of the Church of Christ:

 The early Christians were ruthlessly persecuted by the Roman government and the Jewish religious, and they were to meet in catacombs underground or in private homes very secretly. In those meetings they studied the teachings given by Jesus and read the Scriptures (the Bible). They also had the habit of sharing material goods so that the poorest believers did not lack their sustenance.
 Over the years many “false brothers” entered the congregations of the various cities. This did not affect at all the salvation of the true believers, having even been predicted by the apostles themselves that this would happen. However, with the decrease in the persecution and the massive increase of Christians, countless buildings for the meetings began to be built. These buildings are known as “churches”.
 At a certain moment, the bureaucratic organization of the churches in the different cities led to an increase in pride, sectarianism, divisions, and above all, the rapprochement with the Roman government of that time. To such an extent that Christianity was considered as the official religion of the Roman Empire. The churches then received many people who entered only for political expediency, or for being the official religion and thus be in tune with the “spirituality” of the Empire. There it had its official beginning the false, devilish, aberrant and pagan Roman Catholic religion. Whose papacy, demonic adorations of dead people, statues and pagan festivities have absolutely nothing to do with the way of salvation given by God through his Son Jesus Christ.
 The true church of Christ continued its path, of course, but far from that aberrant new pro-government religion. Sincere people who followed the path of Christ continued their good lives through history without rites invented by humans and even being belittled by their former “brothers” who would follow the false path of the Roman Catholic religion.
 It must be made clear that the Church of Christ on earth is a merely spiritual organization. Membership in a religion does not make us saved. True faith in Jesus Christ is the only thing that saves us from eternal punishment.
 Although today’s evangelical religion is the doctrine that most closely resembles what is written in the Bible, belonging to the Church of Christ is a spiritual, personal, and private “process” before God, which can not be deceived. . The Bible clarifies that true religion is to help the needy and to turn away from the evils of the world. (Read: Acts 20: 29 James 1: 27).


 Another very important characteristic of the nation of Israel that God impregnated them was their decided rigidity in the copying and translations of the different books that would eventually make up the Old Testament of the Bible. The Hebrews did not miss a phrase, a word, a letter of the writings that God determined as sacred. After the time of Jesus Christ on earth, the set of books written by the apostles of the Lamb, who were eyewitnesses of his life and preaching, were formed. This constitutes the New Testament of the Bible.
 The New Testament does not abrogate the Old, but fulfills it, fulfilling its messianic prophecies mainly. It is completely abrogated yes the Jewish cult, the rites and sacrifices, since they were the image or symbolism of the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross. Faith in that sacrifice, acceptance of our wickedness before God, our repentance, the total assurance that Jesus Christ of Nazareth cleanses us of sin and frees us from eternal punishment, constitutes the only necessary ingredient to be accepted in the eternal kingdom of God. .
 The Bible is a compilation of many books in one. All this makes up the “Scriptures” or “Word of God”. All the books were inspired or guided by the Spirit of God or Holy Spirit. There is no contradiction between the different books, there is no need to add any other, much less remove any. By strict will of God the Bible reaches our days in this way and prohibits punctually remove anything or add anything at all. Whoever wants to know God and his Son Jesus Christ should read the Bible attentively and in constant prayer.
 The Bible, the Scriptures, are books written by humans but inspired by God. Everything I speak in this book is written in the Bible. Unfortunately, Satan and his followers have a “Bible” suited to their interests. Where they have literally erased countless numbers of parts and verses that bother or do not benefit their global empire of evil. I personally advise against reading any biblical translation that goes beyond the 1960 version. (Read: Revelation 22: 18-19 Romans 15: 4).


 Prayer is talking to God directly. It can be done at any time and anywhere. The most recommendable thing is in the tranquility of the home, if there is one, and there behind closed doors to talk with God in a comfortable way, in peace and sincerely as you would with a friend for example. It can also be done in group form in the church or in the home of other Christian people. There the prayer is carried out aloud so that others listen and it is done in an orderly manner.
 When you pray or speak to God, it is preferable that you first give thanks for the blessings you have received. Even living one more day of life is simply considered a blessing. Then ask forgiveness for faults, mistakes, or wrongs committed, etc., and finally the prayer for the blessings necessary for believers. Ask for what it is, as a son to a father, a perfect, good and merciful Father. Ask for work, health (own or someone else’s), ask for love, for school studies, for more wisdom, for better support your boss, ask for the weekend to go well , ask for the government of your city and your country because this suits you all, ask for your children, ask for you. Finally, ask everything you want with humility of heart, but above all believe with all your soul that God himself, now your friend, is listening. Without that security, without faith, communication is not possible.
 To finish the prayer it is said something like: – “In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen”. Because thanks to the name of Jesus we have a direct arrival in heaven, who with his sacrifice reconnected the relationship between God and human beings, considering believers as their own children. The “amen” means: “so be it”, an expression of faith that ends prayer.
 To pray is not to read or repeat something from memory, it is to speak, to thank or to ask, but to speak without any previously written discourse. It is very good to do it assiduously for all things in life. (Read: Revelation 5: 8 S. Matthew 21:22 S. Matthew 6: 6).

WORLD spiritual and physical. ALIENS. 4th Dimension

 4th dimension is the term misused. The laws of physics there are three measures or dimensions: height, width and depth (a bucket for example). Not is a fourth measure. What you want to designate with the term “fourth dimension” is an alleged parallel reality say. A world that takes place somewhere else and even some talk of another “I” or ourselves we do other things in other “realities”. Even from there they come some aliens, and others, mostly from distant galaxies .. All this is false from head to toe. There is only one reality, one Earth, one human life for each of us. God intended physical laws in its creation, and one of them is that every human being has only one life to go after death the body and after this the judgment. Nobody can go back to the past, the future or transported. There are so-called “prophecies”, which are inherent to future events but not yet occurred. Not is the so-called 4th dimension, or some parallel reality.

 God and his angels, even the devils, and everything in the sky is a world called “spiritual”. Intelligent life forms much higher than the human race, which needs no blood, nerve or neuron connection to function. Then comes the life on earth, in the flesh, or materials, palpable, perfectly visible to the human eye. These two worlds, human and spiritual, are the only two realities that exist and coexist, forming a single reality itself. (READ: Hebrews 9: 27 Luke 24: 39).


 Let us make a brief analysis. The first mass sightings of “flying saucers” occurred roughly from 1948, even with taking some pictures. Well, those devices, rigged in many cases, had a rather consistent design with the time, usually metallic color with few details of “body”. But strangely, the current sightings are mostly “lights in the sky” with strange movements, or artifacts of several “models” with colored lights or shapes “tuning” very well adapted to our time. Very “modern” so to speak. Did the aliens were advancing in the design of their “ships” technological advancement as humans? They are definitely humans who designed the shapes of the false “alien spacecraft”!

 “Cosmic” said connection between humans and ET is the same connection that all nations of the world are transmitted from antiquity, that is, the connection between human sinners and Satan, which takes precedence over the governments of all countries. Almost all religions of antiquity, especially in Egypt and Babylon, speak very powerful beings from other worlds (his clear Gods) who visited earth and left “great knowledge”. Announcing that it would return in subsequent days (our time) to prevent humanity from destroying itself and proclaiming, or approaching, the so-called “spiritual evolution of mankind.”
 Well, these aliens, ancient gods, sailors of galaxies, etc. are nothing more than the followers of Satan demons are expelled from heaven and now come from the deepest darkness and abyss. Of course, with the worst of intentions. Remember that Lucifer and his demons are liars and deceivers, masquerading as angels of God, sent by God or aliens come from other galaxies. Also remember that your main goal is to exterminate the human race. (Read: 2 Corinthians 11: 14 1 John 5: 19).

Judgment Day

 No crime on earth will go unpunished. From the smallest to the most despicable of all you must pay. And it is one: eternal death or eternal punishment.
 God ordained one day in the future when everything ends. On that same day Jesus will sit on a throne in heaven and all human beings from Adam and Eve until the last child will be judged on the facts of his life. The human race in its entirety and living dead (all the dead will be resurrected first good, then bad, for that great day), will be judged individually. There will be no exceptions, no excuses.
 After the trial must be only two groups. Those who accepted and believed in Jesus Christ and keep His commandments, and those who did not believe. The first live eternally with a renewed after the resurrection, with Christ, with God and his angels body. Those who did not believe in Jesus Christ will be cast into a lake of fire and brimstone, along with Lucifer, called Beast, the False Prophet and all the demons, and there will be tormented for eternity.
 Life on earth as we know it will not last much longer. The aliens are not going to save from extinction and there will be no “elevation of human consciousness.” Either you are with the Lamb of God (which for human salvation was killed, then resurrected), or you are with Lucifer, which means eternal damnation on the Day of Judgment. (Read: Revelation 20: 11 to 15 Hebrews 6: 2).


 Every single person in the history of mankind we have received grace full freedom of choice or free will. Each of us chose the path we decided to follow. Logically various contingencies such as childhood education, violence, war, family problems, painful blows in the soul, etc. sometimes change our view about end of life. In the world there is a great manifestation of evil at all levels and through all ages. Wars (many of them, especially today, artificially created, with terrifying purposes such as mass killings of people, arms sales, global preponderance of power, geopolitical issues, etc.), civil crimes of all kinds, disappointments, deception, betrayals, corruption, etc, etc, etc. This is true, and today consonant increased until the day of the end, or the Second Coming of Christ, an issue that will specify later.
 As was said paragraphs ago, life in the material or physical world we know and the spiritual world, greater in strength and power, divided into entities of good and evil entities (Lucifer and his demons) both exist.
 From Adam and Eve the devil has intervened in the lives of people in order to induce them to his kingdom of evil by deception and lies. This uses your group of demons and evil spiritual power “is allowed to implement.” That is, the Devil displays his kingdom of evil and temptation on earth to a certain level of power, to the extent that God himself will “allow”. If this were not so, the human race simply cease to exist. (Read: Matthew 7: 13-14 Ephesians 6: 12).

 The deceptions are innumerable, and human history through the masses mostly are seduced by false promises.
 Some hoaxes:

 * Pagan religions. Rites of all kinds, and in some cases human sacrifices to the demons that bring no benefit at all.

 * The “reincarnation”. This does not exist. Life is one and then comes judgment before God.

 * “Powers” to meet endless greed and easy money, love brought by force, cursing others, etc. This is nothing but a deception about human life to darkness and oppression.

 * Eastern Concepts like that man “evolves” to a higher level of consciousness, we ourselves are God, who will contact the aliens and they are us “guide” in this new world of “love.” Absolute lie! There is more to see statistics about crime figures increased, wars, drug trafficking, suicides, endangered or already extinct, insecurity, poor education, corrupt governments, etc. The human being evolves into a unprecedented evil. And the aliens will contact the demons are nothing more than disguised we know what stink intentions to destroy to the ground.

 * One of the major deceptions of Satan is to convince those who enter the kingdom of evil that it is impossible to be separated later. That within their dark empire no longer output than their malevolent and powerful claws can not escape anyone. Believe me, this is another miserable, filthy lie!

 (Read: Revelation 12: 9).

 Why the devil can be overcome?

 Let’s go, this is the most important thing to know. God gave the world a name, the same name of his Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, so that all those who believe in the name and in his redemptive work are saved totally and completely free from Satan’s nets. No matter absolutely nothing you have done in your past life, no matter what has been agreed with darkness and has delivered his “soul” to the devil, no matter how much evil has been done, how much damage it has caused, if you repent of all that, you accept that Jesus died on the cross for you and looking wholeheartedly, as Jesus Christ himself in person against Satan for you and frees you from all bondage and evil oppression.
 Redemption means redemption, salvation. Jesus Christ will rescue you from the evil death and brings it to life eternal kingdom of God. Jesus of Nazareth defeated Lucifer in a spiritual battle. Through the miraculous works done in his life on earth Jesus freed from oppression (diseases, evil control, etc.) to many people. Lucifer has not the slightest power of the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, does not have the slightest chance to beat him; indeed, out in terror before his heavenly presence. By dying on the cross, Christ defeated the devil completely removing the “key of hell”, that is, humanity is no longer completely condemned, Jesus has the power to give life to those who believe in him. God, who made heaven and earth, who created all life, God, who is called I AM WHO I AM, almighty, just and merciful he gave his only Son, that he was insulted, slapped, tortured, hated, despised, killed in the cross without having committed any crime, and all that he did for you and for me and for anyone in the world who believes in him.
 On the third day after the crucifixion Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead, he conquered death, defeated Lucifer !, just to save you, me, and all who believe in His name. Thereafter, when you believe, repent from their evil way, and looking in earnest prayer, Jesus Christ and all the holy angels become your friends, and they will not leave. And although the struggles of everyday life continue, you have to who made heaven and earth, God, His Son Jesus Christ and his angels looking after him, blessing him, advising, giving forces, giving inner peace. You are now friends with God, as it was for example Abraham. (Read Ephesians 1: 20-21 John 3: 15-16).

Strange spirits hovering nearby.

 The spiritual world exists completely. The manifestations of demons, ghosts, strange shadows, etc. They will happen in certain situations until the Day of Judgment. There is a battle in the spiritual world, although many deny it, between good and evil. And that battle is for you, your life, your soul. As I said a few lines ago, for God no matter the mistakes committed in the past, no matter the color of their skin, or tongue nacionaliad, height or education, God does not care how much money and wealth you arrange, God does not care that you have given her “soul” Lucifer or has agreed with him; if as I say you agree that Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God, if you believe that Jesus defeated Satan on the cross of Calvary, if you repent of all your mistakes and gives his life entirely in God’s hands, you are except then he will live forever and no matter how many ghosts and demons prowl his life, nothing and nobody can remove him the love of God who loves and cares for her children. Never mind the “strange shadows”, or doors that open by themselves or any kind of magic, remember that you are now a child of God, and say __¡En the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you were overcome Satan Lamb of God, and he’ll aa fight against, not against me!

 Remember that the decision to believe in Jesus’ name is very personal, voluntary and must be carried out with unerring faith. Here a few simple tips to boost faith in the Savior of the world:

 Try to attend an evangelical conregación (whose doctrine is not distorted by abominable manipulations as Roman Catholic doctrine for example). Talk with the pastor and attend at least once a week. Remember that attendees are also flawed and fallible human beings. Put your trust in Jesus Christ above all things.

 * Learn to pray. Prayer is simply talking to God. Do it alone, in an environment where not interrupted. Talk to God, Confess your things, thank, ask. You can also talk to God anytime, day or night, anywhere, at school, or at work, be assured that it will be heard.

 * Read the Bible slowly. But constantly paying close attention to reading. Ask your pastor or a brother of the church do not understand.

 * Do some charity. Always in need everywhere. Do not seek any reward or praise by the people. That their good work is possible in the most secret. God promises to do these things, when you sustain a fatality or oppression, he will hear their prayer for God loveth mercy help their children.

 * There is no time to waste. You are completely free to believe in the words of this book or not. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to approach things of God. People will laugh and make fun of you are not going to help in the Day of Judgment, when those who did not believe in the message of Jesus Christ are to be launched by God in a lake of fire and brimstone where they will be tormented forever with Lucifer and all his demons.

  (Read: Acts 10: 4 1 Timothy 6: 11-12).

Against mental manipulation.

 Life for every human being is one. This is the time to fight if you want to be free from all satanic oppression. Remember your human forces are completely useless in this battle. His willpower, physical strength, intellect (though it is a genius) do not serve anything at all against the evil spiritual forces of Satan. Only sincere faith in Jesus can overcome oppression of evil. Let Christ fight for you, invoke the name of Jesus of Nazareth. __ Christ in me, not me! Of course Lucifer will not want to let go, but repeat again and again with words or in his mind:

 __ Jesus of Nazareth, have mercy on me!

 __¡Jesús, My Christ and my Savior, do not leave me alone / in front of Satan!

 __¡En The Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! In the name which is above every name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth! And again __¡En the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! My God, help me!

 Do not use “amulets”, or crucifixes or images of any kind to invoke God. Do not build houses with images of people and it kneel before images or statues. God is invisible, it is believed by faith, God is now your friend and he will be where you go.
 No evil power, no sorcery, no “pact with the devil” is powerful enough so that Jesus Christ can not overcome. God gave Jesus absolute authority over everything. The only requirement to win, the only secret is faith, total and complete confidence of the love of God, who wants all men to be saved.
 You decide whether to stay in the false and misleading kingdom of Lucifer, or take the fight to get rid of him.
 Judgment Day will arrive, it creates the world or not. God is an intelligent, compassionate and just being who allows evil suffering around the globe but only until the arrival of the great day. Until that day (which no one knows exactly when it will be) time to repent and seek God and His Son Jesus Christ. Then it will be too late. (Read: Acts 4: 12 Ephesians 1: 20-21).

 To get rid of the evil power of Lucifer you have to look to Jesus Christ with all his heart and has to stop sinning (stop doing bad), of course with the help of sincere prayer and faith rising. If you want to follow the path of God, which is the way of life, you have to stop pretending to control by force others to practice witchcraft rituals to curse or destroy anyone who does not like him, turning on candles demons or saying strange phrases to summon “spirits” (garment candles only when the electricity is cut, to illuminate any environment), no need to get a guess nothing will throw any letter, finally, stay away from Darkness. “Dress” works well, do not cheat anyone, not created superior to anyone, do not attempt to destroy or injure anyone. Do not be afraid of the future or the Day of Judgment, because if you are in God’s hands and trust that the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth has power over everything, then you live by faith, and the devil can not condemn him because he already He was overcome by the Holy Lamb of God.

 Repeat this name in his mind all day, every day, until it sticks in your own soul, especially when pressed by Lucifer and his demons:

 __¡Jesucristo Of Nazareth! Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

 The humility of heart is a requirement appreciated in heaven. Have full confidence in Jesus Christ, not your own human strength. “I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me,” says the Bible. (Read Matthew 11: 28, Acts 3: 6).


 The exact day of the Second Coming of Christ to the earth no one knows, only God. Yes there are a series of written signs prominently in the Bible are being fulfilled today. For example the multiplication of evil, the advancement of science, rumors and terrible wars worldwide, massive increase in earthquakes, economic and environmental crisis, etc. All this suggests that not take much for the arrival of Christ and his angels to earth.
 However we must be aware that Satan has great delusion in the world, mainly in the country governments. They are going to gestate deceptive acts and false Christs and false prophets who proclaim peace and helps people, but after his disguise hide the evil plans of Satan is to remove the whole world of God and salvation. We may see aliens arrive with messages of love and kindness, interplanetary beings coming from distant stars for the sole purpose of avoiding self-annihilation of the human race, or maybe do call themselves the “Christ who is to come” . Do not be fooled! All these beings are spirits of demons who hide behind a disguise of aliens or interplanetary races.
 Lucifer’s intention is to try to bring him into the lake of fire and brimstone to all people as possible. In these times you will unleash the full power of his evil wrath on the earth. It is to be implanted in humans through a single world government (which is being developed by leaps and bounds) an electronic chip in order to completely control them, including its finances. Be careful, because this is “The Mark of the Beast” and God will discard and kill everyone with this brand. Do not let the “mark”, it is preferable that world government sentenced to death (later Jesus raises him to live in his kingdom for eternity), rather than by having such satanic mark on your body you are thrown to eternal punishment.
 Lucifer will use the technological advances in the world for total control, including Artificial Intelligence, the famous CERN Collider (which opens direct portals to the dark world of demons), satellites, etc, etc. Remember that human consciousness, or “I” can not be transferred to any machine. Artificial Intelligence is a supposed computer program that has its own “life”, or self-consciousness, or any human being late. This is a total deception. Artificial Intelligence is Satan taking decisions through electronics. You can believe it or not. With the passage of time will soon know. I hope not too late for you.

 When Jesus Christ comes from heaven he will surrounded by all the angels. You’ll see everyone and at that moment will be over the span given by God to mankind to seek the path of salvation time.
 Now is the time to seek God. This day is the day of Jesus Christ believe, and people mock and laugh at you, but despise him, hate him though. You will not “reincarnate” in anything. It is a lie that God will forgive all because it is good only. It is also right and will not give the guilty. God gave His own Son to be crucified and rise again later, and that way, Jesus Christ is the only path that leads to eternal life. The rest is lies and deception of the devil. (READ: Matthew 24: 5 to 8 Revelation 13: 15 to 18 Matthew 24: 27 and 30).


 * God created all things.

 * Adam and Eve chose to disobey God and that there was a “gap” between God and humans, attracting them to death.

 * The people of Israel was the keeper of the “things” of God until the coming of Christ and his redemptive work.

 * Through Jesus Christ, by faith, any human being anywhere in the world who decide voluntarily can be saved.

 * Time saving is limited and it is up to the Second Coming of Christ.

 DO NOT BE PART OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENT, NOT BE PART OF THE WORLD RELIGION OR SATANIC luciferin, DO NOT GET THE CHIP IMPLEMENTATION OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST IN YOUR BODY. Do not worship any image of anything or NO “TO BE ALIEN”. IF ANY PROPHET preaches something other than what is written in the Bible, he is a false prophet.
 Come to Jesus Christ, and do not let your body and soul be thrown into hell. GOD FOR NOTHING IS DIFFICULT OR IMPOSSIBLE. WHEN a sinner repents and is saved BIBLE SAYS THERE IS JOY AT ALL BETWEEN HEAVEN all his angels.
 THE INTENTION OF GOD IS JUST SAVE ALL PEOPLE, BUT NOT forced to believe and seek, this has to be a voluntary, personal decision. (Read: Revelation 19: 20 Revelation 14: 9-10-11 John 3: 16-17).



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